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My Favorite Artifact

By Ruth O' Sullivan

My Favourite Artefact

Ruth ‘O Sullivan

At the museum we went to on Thursday, my class and I saw a mixture of primary and secondary sources. The trip gave us an insight to how the people of the past lived. It was an amazing opportunity, and even better, a local museum.

My favourite artefact I saw there was probably the doctors case. The doctors case was a brown, leather case that consisted of multiple tools. It also had the doctors initials engraved on the bottom corner. We were able to open the case ourselves and look at all the interesting tools inside.

The part I found most interesting was the notebook we found. It showed what to do in case of an emergency. Judging from the pictures in the notebook, I am assuming the doctor was an eye doctor. We also found some pages with the doctors very own handwritten notes. That was very cool to see.

There was a number of artefacts I found interesting there at the museum, but I found the doctors case was the artefact that stood out the most for me.

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