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A trip to Molloy's museum

An account of a trip to Molloy's museum by Khia Woodgate
A trip to Molloy's museum

A Trip to Molloy’s Museum by Khia Woodgate

On the 20th of October 2022, me and my class 1D went to a small museum in Callan to look at different artefacts, both primary and secondary.

It’s in Callan town next to the Funeral Home. To be honest, I was not expecting to be at all impressed. I was wrong, there were really impressive things in there.

Some of these things include an old model of a 357 Python gun from the early 1900s, an old Accountancy book from the 1950s, newspaper headlines from the 1940s and 1950s, gasmasks, toy cars, old Maths sets and a doctor’s kit. These are examples of some of the primary sources we found. As you can tell, it is very impressive.

Some examples of secondary sources are replicas of news headlines, replicas of signs, a replica of James Hoban’s old cottage and toy cars.

There was a lot to look at. A lot of things that were in there you wouldn’t even expect to be in Callan.

We went to that museum because we are learning about the job of an Archaeologist in our History class. So, it was very interesting to see artefacts that real archaeologists once excavated.

It may only be a small museum in Callan, but it had a lot of fascinating artefacts. I would highly recommend that you go and visit it.

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